U-Move Super Sports

U-Move Super Sports is a selection of mini-games for the EyeToy with an emphasis on casual fun. It's the kind of game that's suitable for dipping into at parties rather than playing for any length of time.

There are 15 games, each one of them short and fairly simple to grasp. 10 of the 15 are based on football. It might have been more accurately titled U-Move Super Football (and some other stuff).

As well as the sports there's an Art Studio, which is very similar to the Playroom effects in the EyeToy: Play series of games. In other words players don't win or lose in this section, it's merely about creating images. Most of these effects are a little tiresome and don't provide much interest. The main reason this sort of thing was featured in the Play games was to showcase the EyeToy controller. It doesn't serve well as entertainment in its own right.

Hole-In-One is one of the better mini-games. It involves batting objects out of the path of the golfball, rather than letting the player swing and attempt to hit a ball in a certain direction. This is a good game design because it works well within the limitations of the EyeToy camera controls, which can be too inaccurate for tracking fine movements like the trajectory of a swing.

On the whole fun and simplicity are made the priority, but this does mean that the games are too short to sustain interest for a long time. Some of the activities are a little bizarre. For instance, in one game players must wave their hands over referees in order to stop them from giving out yellow cards (as though that would ever work on the pitch). Vocal instructions would have been an improvement here, but all of them are written. This means that children who can't yet read well will find this game less accessible.

The colourful graphics and short play times put U-Move Super Sports firmly in the class of games that are designed to appeal to younger kids. However poor music, a lack of variety in the sports on offer and a general lack of substance are some of the factors that ensure that this title doesn't have lasting appeal.