SingStar Abba

After the box office success of Mamma Mia! it was only a matter of time before a SingStar version of Abba's greatest hits was released. Unlike the majority of SingStar games, this one is limited to a mere 20 songs, which seems poor value when you consider the number of albums in their back catalogue.

However all 20 songs are hits, and they all have original music videos to accompany them. So you can marvel at the outlandish costumes worn by Benny, Björn, Agnetha and Anni-Frid, as well as singing along. It's a little unusual to have so many videos available for a 70s pop group, and this is a reflection of how popular they were at the time.

Agnetha and Anni-Frid assume most of the vocal roles, something to bear in mind if your range doesn't easily stretch to their soprano and mezzo-soprano notes. Of course you can sing an octave above or below the one that Abba are singing and still score points, but this is always harder to get right than matching the notes exactly. This is also the strength of the game: it's a set of songs with a very consistent range, so if the sounds of Abba suit your voice then it will be comfortable to sing all the tracks. This makes a pleasant change from the compilation SingStar games, where there's usually a few that most people will find too difficult to attempt in the octave the artist is singing in, no matter how high or low their voice.

There are a couple of changes to the display style. The clock is now round like a stopwatch, and both this and the performance bar are now on the right hand side instead of above. These tweaks don't really add or take away anything, although if you're used to the old style it means adjusting to looking in a different place for the scores. That's as far as things go with regard to new visuals, since there are no 70s-style icons for when you reach a new level, it's just the usual. Between tracks, however, a piano version of "Thank You For The Music" plays.

SingStar Abba isn't the best value in terms of the sheer numbers of tracks. But it doesn't make many alterations to a tried and tested formula, because few are needed. Thanks to a good supply of original videos and the cheerful and cheesy pop of this 70s supergroup, it's tremendous fun.