Real World Golf

Real World Golf bills itself as "the revolutionary golf game where you swing a club to hit the ball". Well, almost. The plastic accessory that comes with this game is small and flimsy, and best not stored anywhere you'll accidentally sit on it.

Because the mini-club doesn't have the weight of a metal club, it's very easy to over-swing. However, you wouldn't want to be swinging a long metal club indoors near your TV, so it's a good compromise given the circumstances.

Real World Golf is another excellent demonstration of the accuracy of the Gametrak's motion capture system. It's a game that is more reliant on precise tracking than most, and in this aspect it really does clean up. It is very sensitive to slight variations in speed and direction, making for some satisfying gameplay.

There are some short but useful tutorials to help you get started. Teeing off is usually a matter of swinging the club as fast as possible to get a good distance. The game automatically points you in the right direction, and although you can adjust this slightly if you prefer, it's usually best not to. You can also select different clubs for each shot.

Once you reach the green, good control and accuracy become essential for getting a reasonable score. There's no doubt that Real World Golf is difficult, at least if you want to score on or below par. Fortunately you don't have to get a tremendously good score to unlock some of the earlier courses.

There are five 18-hole courses, and you have the choice of playing all 18 holes or just 9 of them. Each course comes with a commentary by Peter Alliss, pointing out features such as the way the course is sloping. Progression comes through improving your handicap and unlocking new courses, so with only five to unlock it can seem a little slow and limited.

Without heavy clubs to swing, Real World Golf is fairly easy on your arms, and without long distances to walk between shots it's also easy on your legs. In terms of exercise, this game is very light and gentle compared with most other exercise games. Don't expect to break out in a sweat whilst you play Real World Golf.

Given the limits of a game played indoors, Real World Golf is fairly realistic. Its focus on accuracy and control, as well as making powerful shots, will help to improve hand-eye co-ordination and upper-body fitness. For golf fans it makes for a good all-weather alternative for those times when getting to a real course is out of the question.