Hints For My Fitness Coach

My Fitness Coach isn't the type of game you need to cheat on, since you'll only be cheating yourself of a good workout. However, there are a few things it helps to know in order to get the most out of using it.

Before you begin exercising there is an option to get workout credit, where you can record activities you have done outside My Fitness Coach. However, every ten workouts you are asked to do a fitness evaluation. External workouts will also count towards this total, so if you don't want to spend too much time doing evaluations then you may not want to record all of the other workouts you have done.

One of the options for working out is Yoga, and as a rule Maya won't suggest this as a daily focus for your workout because it involves very low intensity exercise. As a result it doesn't include a warm-up, and there is no calorie count at the end of it.

Workout sessions are usually quite varied, due to the number of different exercises in the game. However if you select the same daily focus for your workout as the long-term goal you have set in your profile then the routines will be relatively monotonous.

As you work out a scrolling bar moves across the bottom of the screen, indicating what moves will be coming up. The deeper the shade of blue, the more challenging the move will be.

When you press "-" the workout is paused and you can select various options, including changing the music and altering the difficulty. Don't hesitate to increase the difficulty when you feel you are ready, because the incremental changes are quite small and can easily be reversed if you change your mind. Clicking on "No sweat!" when Maya asks you for feedback on your workout also has the effect of increasing the level of challenge for that type of exercise.