Hints for Dark Wind

You may get through the first three or four fights by using sheer brute force, but to really make progress in Dark Wind you need to learn some techniques. To begin with, go to Options and make sure that tutorials are switched on. Then work your way through Kaden's story, which gives you access to all five tutorials. Characters here will not use attacks or techniques that you have not yet learnt.

In arcade mode there are no tutorials, and all the characters you fight will hit you with every available method of fighting. This is a good place to practice more advanced techniques such as magic against slightly easier opponents. Whereas in the narrative mode you don't use magic until you face Sleet, in Arcade mode you can use it immediately, and your first few opponents will not be as challenging as she is.

Another helpful tip is to memorise where the special attacks will land. Later in the game these often land too quickly for you to react to in time. But normally you can see what type of attack you are facing in advance. With fireball, for instance, you will need to block the top left and top right portions of the screen, when you face the majority of characters. Storm's fireball lands on the top left and bottom right however, so not every special or magical attack lands at the same place from all characters.

If you keep activating your opponent's rage mode, remember that magical attacks do not increase the rage meter. This rule also applies to the first magical effect, the glowing hands. Whilst this is activated you can hit your opponent as often as you like without bringing on rage. This advantage applies both when your hands are glowing, and when your opponent makes their own hands glow. Using this effect is often the fastest way to finish a fight because you don't spend time jumping backwards and forwards.

How to unlock 100% of the game

On Easy level:
  • Complete Kaden's Story
  • Complete Syrah's Story
  • Complete Arcade Mode
On Medium level :
  • Complete Kaden's Story
  • Complete Arcade Mode
On Hard level :
  • Complete Kaden's Story
  • Complete Arcade Mode
By this point Survival Mode should be unlocked, plus one or two alternate characters and costumes. Return to easy level and :
  • Complete Survival Mode with every available character, using both of the costumes
  • Complete Arcade Mode with every available character, using both of the costumes
  • Doing so will unlock further characters and their alternate costumes. Continue fighting in Survival and Arcade mode until you have unlocked the full set of characters
There is no need to finish Syrah's Story or Survival Mode at Medium or Hard in order to unlock the whole game. Nor will you gain any further percentage points by playing as all of the alternate characters at the higher difficulty settings. You just need to have them all complete Survival and Arcade Mode at Easy level.