Hints For Antigrav

Unfortunately Antigrav is a game with few opportunities to cut corners or outright cheat. But here are some hints that may help when it all gets too frustrating:

Calibrating your head properly is essential, so make sure you're not wearing a hat, and that if you wear glasses they aren't reflecting too much light into the camera. Keep your head still, and wear clothes that contrast with the colour of your face. Recalibrate whenever there is a change in the lighting of your surroundings, including changes in cloud cover as well as the sun setting.

In style mode you are searching for Antigrav wings as well as trying to rack up lots of points. There are six to find on each level, and once they are found they will stay found. Some of these can be found after completing a series of rail switches.

Reaching the target score or beating your opponents three times in speed mode will unlock the next level, but afterwards there may still be a reason to keep playing a course. Getting a very good speed or a high score will light up the stars above the course. Getting the first three won't unlock anything immediately, you will need more than that to unlock everything this game has to offer.

Experiment with different routes. Some will be faster, whilst others will offer more chances to rack up a lot of points. Hitting rail switch targets will also give you a points and speed boost, so it's worthwhile to hit at least some of these, even if you don't intend to take the turnoff. Another way to maximise your score is to perform tricks mid-air. If you follow the sequence indicated at the bottom of the screen, your hoverboarder will do their super trick, which will get you a few thousand points. But the super trick takes a few seconds to finish, and if you crash part-way through any move you lose all the points you gained for that jump. The trick is to judge carefully how much time you have before you land, and do as many tricks as possible without crash-landing.